Bengaluru Turns to Millet
30 Aug

I Own/ Head  an IT/ ITES Company where we have best of brains working 8 + hours a day ,  we have many multi-cuisine food counters to serve them 3 time a day. How it is MMG act ?

Our Request : Dear Sir/Madam, First of all forMyFamily team salute you for brining / developing IT in INDIA, It has brought Respect INDIA deserves. You have Best Brains working sweating sometimes even in AC. How about giving them healthy meal a day.  Replace at least one meal a day with Millet Meal. With Millets you can prepare Indian Breakfast  like Idli, Dosa, Pulao, Pongal etc. For lunch Millet Roti can be had. This is healthy option, easy to prepare and are native INDIAN FOODS. They are grown in plenty in all parts of INDIA and by our own farmers. By this one act all will become MMG . Farmer gets Wealth worth Millions , Students and you get Millions worth Health .

Hence you are MMG – Millionaire Millet Guy / Girl 

This simple act is Saving earth from warming  – Wheat, Rice and Sugar takes thousands of litres of water to produce a ton of them . 

Call Us on 9945351110 or Write to Us we will help you in this GODLY initiative – in all aspects from Millets to recipe to restaurant contractors (Cooks)

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