A special Workshop for all Agricultural and Siridhanya (Millets) enthusiasts to learn hands-on cultivation, processing & benefits of our Healthy Food System. An opportunity to meet and interact with Organic Farmers.

The prime objective of this program is to introduce our Organic way of Farming which helps farmers to grow food without using Synthetic Fertilizers and Pesticides. It also helps farmers in dry land areas to grow crops with just rainfalls. A “need of the hour” to create awareness among people on Siridhanya which helps individuals for better health.

Who can participate?
1. Individuals who would like to know more about cultivation, processing and benefits of Siridhanya.
2. Enthusiasts who want to know about our Organic Farming.
3. Farmers who want to adopt Organic Farming.
4. People who can influence their friends and relatives to adopt Organic Farming.
5. Individuals who are interested to spread awareness of Siridhanya among people for better health.
6. Farmers who have commercial mono crop i.e., Pomegranate, Coconut, Coffee, Adike, Mango etc. yet clueless with dwindling profits can find lasting solutions.
7. Individuals who would like to know more about “Healthy Food”– How to cook, how to consume Millets – Siridhanya.
8. Buy organic food items including Millets, vegetables @ the farm.

Program Schedule:

26th Jan 2017
Starts at 8:00 AM Ends by 4:00 PM


Farm : Near Nandi Hills
Training Fees : Rs.1200/- including Breakfast, Tea, Lunch, Tender Coconut from Farm
Kids above 6 years – Rs.600/-

How to get enrolled to this program?
Please Call/WhatsApp to 9945351110 with your Name and Address for enrollment. You will be provided with more information on program registration fee. Register online by filling up registration farm.

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Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm
Saturday: 10am to 4pm
Sunday: 10am to 2pm

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