forMyFamily team is creating awareness about Millet Based Healthy diet. This one act will help save Millions of liters of water  every year. Wheat, Rice and Sugar are water intensive and causes health hazard if people consume 3 times a day.


We  want this situation to change drastically.  Growing Wheat, Rice and Sugar are no more agriculture activity as every other farmer is forced to grow only these 3 as major crops year after year… this is a trap for farmers they go into debt as sugar industry delays payment for farmer, just delay of 6 months  farmer has no money to survive. We want to take this problem head on.

At forMyFamily everyone is  aware of the health benefits of MIllets and also aware they are rain fed and can grow anywhere in INDIA. They know how to prepare Millet Dishes. With this simple knowledge and with the power of Internet they are spreading the message – family by family are turning towards Millets – we have tasted success – this has given us lot of motivation.


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