Date : 3rd October , 2016

Venue : Systems at Peenya , Bengaluru

Purpose :  Awareness program for millet based healthy food diet and benefits 

Process :

  1. Live demonstrations of Millet food preparation
  2. Millet Food for tasting
  3. Awareness by handouts and ppt
  4. Clarifications though Q/A sessions and one to one discussions
  5. Explain   One Millet Meal a Day = Health + Wealth + Free Time + Save a farmer+ Save water
  1. All types of Millets for demonstration and made available for purchase
  2. Other Healthy food items for display and made available for purchase

Millet Dishes Prepared :

  1.  Foxtail Millet Paulo
  2. Little Millet Sweet 
  3. Plain Rice with Kodo 

Our Appeal To Corporate Companies

1. One Millet Meal a Day  
2. Why Go For Millet Meal 
3. Case Study 


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