Are We Independent ?

This question is even more relevant today , we are celebrating 70 Independence day today. But we need to think are we Independent? to be specific do we have freedom to grow our own food and have freedom to choose what we want to eat ?

Answer is a BIG NO !!!!!!!!

We still have to achieve this freedom, we at formyfamily are striving towards this. One basic step we are taking is to have our own seed bank.   

We are giving you all  - freedom from frequent hospital visits - check out our healthy products, they are all natural products and with almost zero pesticide residue .

We are working very hard towards achieving "farm2fork" -by having a strong association with organic farming community across INDIA on supply side and having very good number of consumers who are happy with our quality of products and delivery way.

We at formyfamily want you join us in this "freedom struggle" , We have started -  an open invitation is there for your family to bless us.

Thank you

formyfamily team 

Independence day
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