If Food excites you, and you want to make lot of money selling Healthy Food Products – we offer you the best option.

We have world class food products – which are organically grown, processed and packaged in hygienic processing environment. As of now the sales are happening in our close network of friends and family. Challenge is to make it one stop shop for healthcare products and selling across Bharath.

As co-founders we are assuring the best only reaches our customers. And started activity in Bengaluru. We are planning to launch our GOA Operations in September 2016.

Qualification and Experience

We are no Boss company and believe in Service First. We all are working together to achieve one big dream of bringing farm fresh food to plate. If you are honest, hardworking, ethical and love our idea that is all we need.

We need senior and experienced hands, profit center heads and fresh graduates. Opportunities are available at various levels – so feel free to get in touch with us.

For IT Brains – we have a challenge – for we want IOT in retail. If IOT is your fun and play area – lets us know  


How We Want to Grow ?

We want to grow like Peepal Tree - Very Big but rooted to the ground.

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